Playa Sonrisa

Playa Sonrisa is our little piece of paradise. We built the Sim at the beginning of 2019 with great attention to detail.

SkillsPhotography / Image Editing / Design


Playa Sonrisa is a beautiful island not far from the Colombian mainland. For many people our island is part of their roleplay. Some are having their primary residence here, many others like to enjoy their family vacation at our lovingly constructed beach area. Also, many people just like to relax here after a long (virtual or real) working day. 

The Idea

We wanted to do some advertising for our sim. Since pictures speak louder than words, we decided to put the individual areas of our island in the limelight.

The Realization

In order to prevent our island from appearing lifeless, we have selected suitable poses and realized them with various avatars. In this way we created beautiful pictures of our beach, the playground or the wellness area.

Thank you for watching!