About us

Our Story

First of all, don’t get us wrong. We’re not lazy. At least not when it comes to taking beautiful pictures.

But who are we? Well, we are two people who happened to cross paths in SL. It turned out very quickly that we have a very special connection to each other. A similar understanding of SL, the same humour and – of course – the same interests.

One of our special passions is photography. In the beginning we took photos to illustrate written stories from our role play. Sometime a friend started a business in SL and asked if we could take pictures for his creations. So we began to blog…

We quickly realized that it was a lot of fun for both of us. Today we spend our “lazy days” photographing and blogging things we like.

Penelope Tyran
Surtur Tyran

Team Meeting

We are very versatile. From babies to grandparents, we can put many avatars in the limelight. That's why our team meetings are usually quite turbulent.
Team Meeting