All I wanted was candy... but I ended up as squid soup.


Featured Experience:

MadPea – Terrifying Tale Trail (October 23rd – November 4th)

“Would you like to get a whole lifetime supply of candy?! MadPea is excited to share the viral contest from Baaga Bay Corporation! They have provided carefully selected Candy Vendors around the grid with some special editions of their delicious sweet treats.
A map leading to delicious rewards is hidden inside the wrappers. All you have to do is go Trick or Treating and piece the map together… Sounds easy right?”


Yeah, that sounds way too easy. There will be a lot of traps, mad witches and death lurks behind every corner.  But in the end it’s worth all the trouble. If you solve it, you’ll earn great prizes from 35 fantastic stores. And besides the danger you’ll have a lot of fun!


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